Refugee Report

“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

Unsere Zukunft kennen wir nicht. Wir wollen Freiheit.

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2013/11/16 11:41

Berlin [26-10-2013]


We are here- we are refugees. We come from many countries. Some come from Italy- some stay here longer in Germany. We are here since one year. And we fight for our rights. Here is the infopoint. The place we give the information for people. This movement we- here infopoint we get money, we get support. The place we take some support, like Geld- money to buy food. Some bring us small food. Right now the situation is difficult for us. The place to sleep. We sleep in the tent. You see the tent here. Sometimes it's very cold. We have some support- like gas. Some buy gas for us but soon there it will be cold- very cold. We don't have to much supporter now. Ok since we fight here- seit wir machen unsere Bewegung- die Politiker haben nicht unsere Forderungen akzeptiert. Die Leute haben das Problem der Abschiebung. Manche Residenzpflicht, manche haben Stigmatisierung im Lager, Isolation. Aber wir sind zusammen- ein einziger Körper- wir sind zusammen hier. Andere Leute kommen from Italy haben das Problem des Arbeitsverbot. Kann nicht arbeiten, dürfen nicht arbeiten. Wohung- dürfen nicht die Wohnung haben, aber haben Papiere. They can go everywhere in Europa. And we fight here. Since here the politic have talked with us we don't see- konkrete Lösung. Only one small state- eine kleine Stadt ist Residenzpflicht abgeschafft, aber die ganz Deutschland sind mehrere Flüchtlinge- haben diese Problem von Residenzpflicht- dürfen nicht in andere Stadt fahren. Gleich die Politik spricht mit uns- unsere Leute von Lampedusa gesprochen- they've told the people from Lampedusa they want give them a house in winter, but since now we don't have a house. That's problematic. We are here sometimes- if there is Regen- wenn is Regen comes water in our tent. Someday we are here and don't find- support- money to eat. We get money- Everyday money we get we cook. We have a kitchen. We make a group- every country must be in a group- wir kochen. But if money don't come sometimes in one week we can only cook two or three times. It is really hard. Last day there was something here. Our people come from demo and the police arrest them here- four people and another person. I think our resistance- Our demand is we want to give us peace, freedom to move, to work- not something like a violence. Many people are afraid when they have a for example a Abschiebung oder Residenzpflicht. But we go to many Lager to inform people to come here and we are a strong solidarity here. Our solidarity is not to- ist nicht to machen Aggression gegen- oder Aggression gegen die Politik, oder ja. Wir sind hier für Frieden, etwas für human rigths- das we want. And we are here- many people come from- actually many people come from Lampedusa, stay here. Before is- the people who came from many countries: Afghanistan, Iran, Nordafrika- who stayed here before. But now many leave and many are from Lampedusa now here. They don't get Sozialhilfe. And we are here we don't want to be criminal like the politic tells people sometimes or some journalist make Diskriminierung. We are not- for example they make many discrimination about Sexismus, rapes about the camp. That people do sexismus, rapes, Drogen- all this is propaganda. If one person do something- wenn eine einzige Person macht etwas, das wird dramatisiert- ist nicht korrekt. Journalists, everybody who need information can come to us to know what we are doing here. If one person is aggressive they don't need to tell everybody- all at Oranienplatz are aggressive- that's something like discrimination. Wir möchten- we continue our movement. We pay for example here, we pay here for electricity, we pay toilets, Strom, toilets, garbage- wir bezahlen. Und wir haben weniger jetzt zu bezahlen. We don't know if they want close here- if they close here- die Zukunft für die Leute hier wir wissen nicht, weil- we don't know if they want only for visa and the day after, they will be controlled, we don't know. But we people who make asylum here, we wont continue our mouvements. We don't want to go to one house- for example, I hear last time they want give house, they had a place, dieser Platz ist hundert etwas tausend Vermietung for einige Monate. Wenn wir kriegt diese Geld, wir brauchen nicht diese Haus. We are here, we fight long time, we are fighting here, we don't have more money like this. If they can take this money to give papers for people. Or to give house for one person. Is better to give them some months, many pay many money for the house and after people will be controlled. I think, Germany here, the big problem is some journalists, they don't see the information before they talk, they make sometimes Diskriminierung, Dramatisierung der Information. If something happen, they need to come to the people. Our Zukunft, wir wissen nicht. Aber wir wollen Frieden, Freiheit- und leben wie die anderen Leute. Das ist meine Meinung.