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“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

We don’t have any family in Europe here.

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2013/11/16 01:15

From Ghana; Berlin [25-10-2013]


I´m from Ghana and I left Ghana almost three years ago. But unfortunately I was in Libya and everybody knows what is happening in Libya, so because of that [the guys] lost some of their families in Libya and just came to Italy – Lampedusa and we are living in Italy in camps almost one year seven month ago and they just give us after they just write on noticeboard that the camp wants to close on the 14th April 2012. So everybody should go out and we don't have any family in Europe here so we decided to go out to find a job. Someone like me, I am a very good Engineering for building a house, mason... but you know the crisis in Italy it is very difficult to find a job. And we just came here for that.. when we came here.. Germany is a very good country, but they have already seen that there is no opportunity that we can work here because we don't have ..., we have documents, but we can not work in Germany because the document is not from Germany. So and we are here almost year now and there is no job, as we see this is our life.