Refugee Report

“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

They make us suffer.

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2013/11/16 08:17

Berlin, Oranienplatz [27-10-2013] // What I want to say is that, now we are in Europe. Before we are in Libya. But when we are in Libya, we are working and feel happy for our life. To feed our family, to feed our brothers and sisters. To work in good jobs. But even, only Libyans can take good care of us, but now we are in Europe, almost 26 or I don't know, almost let's take about 26 countries, but they can not take good care of us. They make us suffer. Now we don't know what to do. Some people are sleeping in the streets. No education to get a good food, no to get a good food to eat and good place to sleep. Always make some people, they are crying, for inside their heart. Some people, maybe they are getting to go crazy in Europe. Maybe you can see somebody, a black man selling drugs, say hey, this is a black man, selling drugs, maybe he is suffering. He don't know what to do. Maybe he have a children and wife in Ghana or Nigeria or Africa to wanted to do something for them, but now he don't have anything to do. We are supposed to find some way to do something to take care for his life, for his family. You understand? Can make the person to try to do something, some any way to get some money! You understand? But when we are here, we are here, peaceful. To go to European Union to try to take care of us. For education or everything. Because our situation is bad. Before we have not decide to come Europe. When we are in Italy – when we are in Libya no one to think he wanted to come to Europe because we enjoy in Libya. We working, we do everything we like. But now when they started to destroy Libya, if somebody, maybe if you start to fight with someone, who – if I see anybody or any person who, if you are a strong man, I can .. If I wanted to run away, I can run to go to a person who is a strong man to help me, to rescue me. That makes, we come to Europe, because European is strong. The European come together to destroy Libya, that is why we came here, to European Union can receive us.That is why we are here. But when we are here, now the Europeans are going to leave us. Italians, when we went to, Italia give us 500 Euros to leave camp. They close camp. Why? To give somebody 500 Euro, leave the camp, how can that person use 500 Euro to rent house, to feed himself? No job in Italy, as everybody know, the whole of world know that there is no job in Italy. But you give somebody 500 Euro, where the person no family, he don't know anyone in Europe. They collect 500 and go, it is a lot of people, some people collect 500, 400, even they have some camp, they don't give anything for them. They send them, anyhow. Go away! What do you want to the person do? To sleeping on the streets, in trainstations? Now see, if you see a black man, there is no respect. Always they are laughing blacks. I think, maybe for my own opinion, to maybe the European Union or the white people want always the blacks going down. For my own opinion. Because when I know or when I see, when I saw, when I hear, it is really really really bad. Now it is really really difficult for black people in Europe. When we are from Italy coming to Europe now. No happiness. No acommodation. Now we don't know what to do. We don't know what to do. We can't challenge Europeans, but we want Europeans to try to do something for us. Because, no one travelling from his country without reason. Everybody who, if you see somebody on the (?), where he is a travelling person, he travels for reason. That is why. If it is not a reason, I can return, some people, there a lot of people can't return back to their countries. But (??) when you see someone when they are doing the war, he don't want to go back to his country, he know there is something in. Supposed to help the person, to go to help him. I know European can, if european wanted to help us, he can help a lot. They have strong to help. But they don't want to help. They want we to suffer in Europe. That is this reason for Europe. Because the people that came here, only one country take care of those people. But see a lot of countries, they are in Europe, they can not take care of this people, it's disgrace. But you try to destroy that country, the people they are there to find there solution, to find there job, to take care of their families, to take care of good care for their life. We destroy that place. Now those people (?) why you want those people to go? Why, you want those people to go away? Even me, when I was in Ghana, I am working a good work, but I have some reason I left in Ghana, you understand. I have a reason, left in Ghana. You understand? But now we are in Europe suffering. We are in Europe suffering. Even when your family call you, you don't know what to say to your family, because now... before you were in Italy, if your family call you, maybe even they need some money, if they call you today, they go receive their money today. Or if they no get the money today, tomorrow they go receive their money. But since we are here, getting to three years, always they told their families to pray for us. Always to pray for us, we can't pay with that to eat. You understand? Always you need to pray? But when we are in Italy- eh in Libya, no one, me for the time I am in Libya, I did not tell my family to pray for me but when, now we are in Europe, always I tell my family to pray for me. I need prayers because I am suffering. My situation is bad, we situation is bad! We are in danger! Now we don`t know what to do! Support European, to find solution for us, it is better.