Refugee Report

“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

We need to be useful to the society. We need to work.

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2013/11/20 04:57

Berlin, Oranienplatz [31-10-2013] // As usual the condition is still the same, as you can see the situation is the same until our demand, our government intervention. And even the house, they have given us hope, we are still expecting a house because of the winter. We hope that the house will come at the appropriate time. And the situation is still the same. We don't do anything. Wake up in the morning, sleep, wake up, we don't have anything to do. It's the same situation since almost one year. So that is how the movement is here. A very difficult situation. And we need help! Not only individual but the government, we need help to assist, you know. So, the situation rests the same as far as our demand is not met. But most important, as I said earlier, about the accommodation, this is the focus now. And after that, the strong continue, the fighting continue. We need to work, we need to do something meaningful to our life. We need to be useful to the society. We need to work. Not only accommodation, we still need something doing, it is very important in every human life. We need job to do. And this thing, we are not seeing any light on it. So we plead everybody, we plead the government, but they resist. And that is what I will say. And we are still hoping! For the outcome, for the government intervention to sign our application to work, in Europe. Because people from Lampedusa they have document but are not allowed to work. What is document for? So we plea to the society that you insist. I know that Dublin II system is giving problem but you need to insist. Because of the feeling of other people. So that is what I will say. So we need change, we need changes. We need changes. And the situation here is very bad. The only solution is boring, they always will continue. So we need solution for our life. Housing, work, freedom of, assist of education, such a social life. Always people ask. So to come back to a normal life. The life we were living before over 25 years in Libya. So that is our motive, that is our focus, where we are going. To change our life to the normal system we are living. That is our focus, that is our fighting. We should not continue like this, depending on people, depending on donations. That is not normal. Human being should not depend on donation. Human being should be able to work and be useful to other people, be helpful to the society. Not be dependent, to people you depend on, to other people, no. It's against human rights. You should know how to work, you should be allowed to work, you should be free to work, to be useful to the society. I don't even want people helping me. Why should they help me? When I have ... Even when people are helping me, I have my experience, I have my capability to do something (?), to help people. Now people are helping me. I'm not a lame, I'm not a blind man, I'm not sick. We are strong people, capable people who are very constructive. We can construct one thing or the other to make money. We are very industrious, we learn to work, one way or the other. So we should not be dependent for people. They let people depend us. Let us be useful to the society, that is everybody prayer. But the condition not allow us to prove our talent, does not allow us to prove our skills. So that is why we are crying that we need help from the government to abolish certain laws, to change certain laws. to amend certain laws that will be here are certain law that will be useful to the society, not only refugee, even the citizens. Because there are certain law, there are certain system that is not favoring the citizen. We have to come together and fight the system, amend some system that we be helpful all over the society, not only refugee, all the foreigners, you see. So that is my idea. The situation remain not the same. As far as now, the government has not yet intervened, still we are lonely, still we are boring, doing nothing, as you can see. Thank you very much.