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When I joined the boat I don´t know where I am going to.

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2014/01/28 02:00

Berlin, Oranienplatz [29-10-2013] from Nigeria 'When I joined the boat I don´t know where I am going to.' I´m from Nigeria. I´m the only son of my mother and my father is late, for a long time ago, so i survived with my mother before i left the country due to the Boko Haram problem in Nigeria, you know, so I entered Libya during the war of Gaddafi in Libya, 2011. April 17, I left Libya. These Gaddafi soldiers forced me to join the boat when the NATO was throwing bomb in the Libya city where I am staying in the city of Misrata in Libya, so I left Libya on the 17th April. When I joined the boat I don´t know where I am going to. After two days inside the water I find myself in Lampedusa. On the 19th April, 2011. [Rescuers came] and they rescued us. We were many inside the boat, up to 750 people inside the boat, they rescued us, and then I stayed in Italy camp. After two years I got my document but there is no job in Italy. You know Italy have no job, you have the document but you cannot work. No job. So I decided to come to Germany to look for work, then I came here, now the Government say, the Italian paper is not allowed to work here. You know, that is the problem. So that is what we are facing here. Many people here have documents from Italy, came from Lampedusa, but, you can´t be allowed to work. So that is the problem we are facing. You know somebody has no working and now [we can´t live a better life]. You know, you can´t live a better life. So we are pleasing for the government to help us, so [this is also about us who can give us a work]. So that is my opinion. Thank you!