Refugee Report

“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

And this Lager.. the more you stay there, the more you become useless.

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2014/07/08 12:01

Ok, my statement is about the school. Well the school, people have been evicted and said that somewhere given places to be. What still now, the solution is not done. To my opinion because still now there are many people outside, sleeping in the street. There are some people still now, who I can see some take them to their places but given only two days or three days to sleep. So closing the school and they said ok others have been given places to sleep, it is not the only solution. I think the solution should be: everybody should have a roof for his or her head. That would be the beste solution and then later on there are many people here who spend almost two, three years here in the country, still now they are the same as somebody who came today. You know, they never wake up and realize that today is bet.. ok today is better than yesterday. Everyday the situation is getting worse, so I mean like helping them to have maybe something that they do would have been the better to solve the solution. Like to me not by saying OK you - you sit here eat, drink, wake up, that is what I can help you with. Then the person if he happens to go somewhere else or goes out is not it would have been ok it not be, it not be his or her fault. Because some – any any anybody have to move. You have to walk, you have to go to some places that you wanted to go. And … like there are many people who came to this school here, not because of like the school is the best place. No, many came here because of they dont have places where to stay. Others came here from the Lagers that they have been gave, given to stay. They are I mean.. it is not a good place, nobody can stay there. Because there are many Lagers – ok when you go there you see like wherever you have 20 or 30 people sharing one or two toilets. That .. that is.. that is … that is not enough. And .. or 30 people sharing one bathroom or two. Or one kitchen or two. So people still now face it.. face the things very difficult there. And then.. they can not do anything by themselves because they have been put into this places and said you will sit here and have their years. Still now they dont know what to do, that is why many people leave they go.. some .. even going to school there. They dont have classes, so people go, come out here, how you call it, goes out from their Lagers for different reasons. Maybe I think the best thing was that anybody who have been gave a place, at least you meet for someones they help you with something to do. Because if you can help somebody, you can not just say „sit down, I will give you something to eat and to drink“ and so you help him. The best solution is that you tell him: „Do this, so that you have something to eat and to drink.“ Then he can help himself, that is the best thing, maybe if you, if you give him that, ok that person you help him I can say a lot, the rest he can do it for himself. You see, but still now, like I said earlier, there are people in the street. School has been closed, saying that ok nobody will get in only those who have cards of the school, and then many are there still now outside. Because they can not get in, they dont have cards and they have nowhere else to sleep. So, still now the solution is solution left. I dont know maybe if there will be another thing for them or but those people obviously there should be a solution. For those people. To me they can not be left in the street like that. Some even they sleep inside the park, so others nobody knows. Or for those people, for the people who help, who are helping others giving them places to.. offering them places to sleep, 3 days or 4 days or so, any day they are telling, OK today will be your last day to sleep here. Ok, So what do this people, what they will gonna do again? They have to come out and sleep again in the street. So, I think solution should be, should be, should be need for those people.. yeah. And if there is anybody or (?) any association ok that concerned about this, how to call it, this asylium people really, I think it is the best, if they could try and be going to this Lagers. I mean humanitarian or other Associations, and see exactly what is happening there. And see exactly what is there and how this Lagers look like. That the time they will believe what people are saying. And so others might say it is not true, but it is true. When you go the Lagers you see it by yourself, ok will know ok this people are living you know a very very difficult life there. That is the main reason why they left, because to me at the Lager where I was – still now I use to go there, you see people, some people they are frustrated, because they don't have anything, Essen – Trinken, some they even became drunkers. Because of they have nothing to do. And this Lager.. the more you stay there, the more you become useless. Because a young person, like a young man or a young woman with his or her full strength, somebody who can do something for himself and for even this country, ok you put him in one place and tell him or her that stay here, as time goes on, the more you relax the more your body becoming weaker. And even your mind at the end of the day you became useless because you will be thinking thinking till the end of the day there is nothing done from your mind. All what you have been thinking or all what you have been planning, for your own or all what you have been programming to do, there nothing is done. At the end of the day you became weak. You mind became weak and even your body, you can not do anything. You became useless. Until one day the come tell you – OK you have to leave this country. So, me.. I mean the help is not enough, only for that.. at least even if this six month, you are inside the country, you are part of the people, you are accepted for this six month until they look into your case of this asylsystem, you should be treated like human being, like everybody. You should be give like a place wherever you can stay, behalf like human being and if you can see many Heims, they are not inside the, inside the town. No – they take them far away from the town, like if the people from the Heim, they are not part of.. they are not part of the human race. And then some.. even if you have to go to supermarket or other things, you need to take a bus, two (?) Even the little money maybe when they are giving you, you spend it even within two weeks. Because I would say, it is not enough for you but what you will do, you have to pay things because you not enter any bus you don't pay, you can not use a Taxi you don't pay. So you have to pay, and the place is very far so you can not walk it. Because people to me – I feel, people have been isolated especially those who are in the Heims. So this is the reason why many they can not stay there. Specially I myself. No, because I am not used to this – ok here it is not the first place that I came to, I be before, that is not the first place that I lived when I enter in Europe. But i lived within the people and I work like people, two hours and earning like everybody but at least it was a little bit, and I know the importance of work, so if I came here, seeking for Asyl, that doesn't mean ok I have to be abandoned or I have to be isolated, thrown to a place where I (?), you sit the whole day, thinking what will I do. Every day what will I do? So to me I can not live with this situation. And I am sorry, that there are millions of people out there who feel the same way. And that is the reason they leave their places, and come to .. others came to Berlin, others go to other places, even they need a better, a better life, if.. even if it is going to be one day but at least they need to feel that day alive, they are part of the people, that is the whole thing.