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If law is wrong, people can change.

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2014/07/10 06:22

Maybe a lot of people have questions why we make that bicycle tour and why we have that demand to close that detention center Eisenhüttenstadt. It is my personal experience about that. And if someone feel uncomfortable about that question and he go just Eisenhüttenstadt and see that situation. And then in fews minutes he recognizes what is the problem out there. I just want to inform. This last year, 2013, I was there and there were also some other refugees. And one guy, he is named Jummah, he is from Chad and he killed himself. And he have deportation problem between Italy and German. He 18 months live in Lagers and then they want to deport he. One family from Kurdistan, they tried to kill themselves just for that, because they have deportation problem. One woman, she is from Chechenia, she has four kids and her husband has died, they wanted to deport her in Poland and she tried to kill herself. Just two months, 23 suicide attempts. And one person killed himself. That is the reason we want to close that deportation center. And that is the reason we feel that is not right. We can also see in Berlin, in Germany, with our friends, Germans, our friends from all over the world. Why should... You have never seen 700 people living and 23 people kill himself. That is very big thing. And also, there is not medical care for them. And one other thing, they put inside deportation center. And, just saying, OK, you know deportation center, you have to get deport. What is the fault for these people? If they are happy in their own countries and why should they 10 years stay in europe? Very simply, I say one thing: maybe some people think, refugees are economic. And it's totally understandable. 10, 10 years they stay in Lager, without money without work and they still stay in Lagers. If someone come for money, for economic reasons, and he left one month after because there is not money. Which money they get in Lagers is not enough to get food one month. Wouldn't get it without friends, without family, without.. they don't have calling system, they don't have internet to connect to their families, they don't have any kind of.. ja with there is always we say in Lagers in written - If you check in internet, there is a lot of information, ja with there see: every Lager social system, every Lager social workers, every Lager security guards, every Lager that, every Lager that but that all people are just in the internet and in cyber space, they are not doing real jobs. If they are doing really jobs, why refugees come to the street and fight. Why refugees come to Berlin, why refugees come to Ohlauer Straße and school and Oranienplace and demand to abolish that problems. And we are also similar. We say, we are refugees, that is our fault. Because we don't know we are going to face this problems. And if you know, how we arrive in germany, how we come to Germany. Very simple: lot of people die on the sea, lot of people die on the way. And that all things together, just one time think: we face that all problems and come to Europe, come to Germany. This means, we are ready to danger by be killed and we take risk, big big risk just for that, to save life. And then still, we have deportation problems. Then still we have prisons. In own countries we are fighting against the wrong system and we are here same fight against the wrong system. And that is the main reason we see Eisenhüttenstadt is the biggest problem, deportation center. Last year lot of people lot of people try to kill themselves out there, 14 refugees make hungerstrike, and 17 days dry hungerstrike one guy, his name Genadi, he is from Georgia. In 17 days he is in dry hungerstrike and then police deport to he hospital to his country. One women she is pregnant 7 month, they deport to her in poland. Where is the law? If they really have law, where is the law? If they use right law and one thing, very simple. Law make people, ah sorry: People make law, not law make people. If law is wrong, people can change and I think they have to change and they change more, more pressure put up us, they change always, ja first Dublin II, Dublin I, Dublin II and now Dublin III, they change it. More problems for us, in future 1 year 6 month jail for refugees, more problems for us. Before they have 1 to 3 month, now they want to one 1 year 6 month. And: what is the problem? What is our fault? That we are just arrive in europe for that, that we are danger by killed in own own countries. And that is our fault and that wrong system is the biggest wrong system and that why we want to go in every single Lager and bring with us our all friends and to go in Eisenhüttenstadt and demand together that, close the deportation centers and stop the deportations.