Refugee Report

“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

We are not a animal, we are human beings.

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2014/08/27 01:44

My name is Abdullah Haman and I am 12 years old. I am from Syria. I now come to tell you about this camp. This camp it was the best camp I see in my whole world. When I come to here I was thinking it was good, but now I see it and I am living in it two month, I say it was not good. We want to go out, out this camp, we want to live same the German people, we want to live in a house, not in a camp. We are not a animal, we are human beings. So like this: we are, I am hope that this will, I am hope that this will happen. And I all, all who are here, say, little they are say that no we want to sit here, because we will not find, they will not find any place but I hope! And I know that you, that this team will have, will need, will see a place for (?). And also I want to tell you, I want to say something: I hope that we will go out of this camp, because this camp is not good, the food, the food is garbage, the life is garbage, all is garbage is this... If it is been good, also I would (?) because if it is good, there is no problem, this camp will be good, it is not, it not be good. It will not be a good for all my life because I know it will not be change, because if he began, if he began not good, it will stay not good. Thank you.