Refugee Report

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It's a lost time!

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2014/08/27 04:31

I come from in Africa. I have in Africa more problem. Then I have.. I life in Africa illegal. I come from in Somalia, then I come in Kenia. I don't have a documenty in Kenia. Everytime is coming the police. And you don't have the place for your sleep, you don't have place for eating and you don't have the documenties. You live illegal. And then I am coming in more country in Africa. All I have illegal. Libya, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Libya. And in Africa we have one dream. This dream is: if you go in Europe everything is good. The problem is, becoming a big problem: then you are sleeping and your imagination is that if you go Europe everything is earned (?), I know. If you go that place, every time you have, you have, you're making something... you are not (sleeping?) but if you... Europe... I think have a chance, have opportunity, work, education. I think so then.. and freedom of speech. Everything! And I think your parents and your children is coming a good life. Now I am coming in Europe. First in Italy. This is a big story for Italy.. big story Italy.. I life.. the government of Italy say I have a youtube, I have a youtube, I have a youtube for this video clip. Government say we have more refugee. We don't can't take the responsibility all the refugee. Because the last month are coming more more refugee. Then the solution is only: you go another country. Now I am coming and I have a dream: first in Africa I have a dream go Europe especially in Berlin. Then I'm coming in Berlin. This is, if you see your goal is coming you are happy. I see, then I'm coming in Berlin. I see my goal is, my dream is coming good. I am very happy. And I think now you are a winner. Then starting another life. I ... reality I am taking their money, I have a house and I have a necessary life I have. Now that's better, all the life. That's better. Anyway. But the problem: Now I have hope. Again I have hope, I have a hope but opportunities not... Now for example.. now! I see the young, the youngest, 27, 28, 25 and 20. This have a power, such like me I have a power. My power I can.. I can do on something, I can do on something. Such like the youngest of Germany or European.. I can .. something. Now I am sleeping, I'm... get up, I'm cooking, then I'm sleeping. I don't have education, I don't have a work and I don't have.. a relationship with the Germany. Now I live alone. We live alone. You see this man is.. this situation anywhere.. is not.. is this situation.. I think this is a lost time. Is a lost time! If you have a time the time is money. Now we are... at my time... I want to lost my time. Where?! Where I...? Now I'm very worried: Where are you lost your time? Because I have sleeping only. Now I say all the people and all the European: We are human! We have a hope! We want to help, if you can. Anyway, you can help you. And we don't loose a hope. We are hoping a opportunity, a work and chances are coming one day. Thank you so much to this group and all the team. Thank you so much!