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I was treated like a criminal

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2014/12/20 11:38

Actually, I would like to talk about the situation of the immigrants in Germany. I think most of the time people look at the immigrants as people that are doing a lot of bad things or causing problems to the society. Asylum seekers in my own opinion, they are not condemned criminals. They are normal people, normal human beings like you and me. The question I used to ask myself sometimes is like to ask myself this question: why is it that every asylum seeker always feel like being isolated and abandoned and rejected by the government? So I think that, the reason is that the way that some people see them outside, they feel like, the people see them like evil, like people that are not supposed to be among the society.

But the whole problem is from the government. Every asylum seeker feels this isolated because they suffer a lot of things from the government, the police and so on and so on. And in my own question, I ask this question: is it because that these people are lazy, that they cannot work or because they choose to live a bad life? But on the other hand and side I say: no! It is because they have been used for blindfold? politics, because they are not giving the rights like normal people they are. They were not treated as people that belong to this society of ours. They were not giving the right to work. They don't have freedom of movement. Some things I think need to be changed for everyone to have peace. That is when we practice what we preach: equal rights and justice.

It is funny. The last time I was in the Ausländerbehörde and I saw on the screen that discrimination is a crime. It was funny to me because I was a victim of this discrimination. I was treated so bad by the police. So I was wondering why should the Ausländerbehörde put this kind of, are they trying to fool themself or fooling the people outside by saying that discrimination is a crime? And why it's funny to me is because my own document is in the Ausländerbehörde and I was there three to four times to collect this document and I have not been able to collect it and the police are still holding back my document. I was like: what is going on? I did not commit any crime. I was only riding on my bicycle when the police stopped me. I was humiliated the way they controlled me and I was treated like a criminal. They took my fingerprints and my photo and everything. And in the end they are still holding back my document for more than two weeks now. So is that not part of discrimination? This is very critical. That is just part of it.

And another thing I see about the situation of the immigrants is: when - we cannot allow men that are strong enough to work I think they would think of something else. They will start to think something different because we are all human being. Who every human has this creativity, sense in him. Thinking of something that he can do in order to succeed. This people deserve the right to live, the right to be human, the right to be among the society and so on. Like I said some people used to think in their own perspective that immigrants are the wrong people or as they call them refugees or asylum seekers or what ever, that they are not people that are supposed to be among the society. They are normal people like every other person. I beg everyone who have this kind of point of view to change his mind that these people are not criminals, they are normal human being like everyone of you, everyone of us. Me and you we are all the same.

Another way I have to look in this immigrant issue is, you know, for example everyone is looking for what? For a better life. The same way immigrants that migrated to any country of Europe, America or wherever people migrate to. He was there or he went to this place or he is there because he wants a better life. Not because the person has committed crime from his country of origin. But because everyone is looking for something better. And at the same time somebody that is looking for a better life have come to the worst situation of life where he feel rejected by the government, where he feel rejected by his fellow human being. It is quite inhuman, it is quite wrong that we allow people to feel this way. So I have another point here to make not only about working but there other things that, I think the politics is playing against the immigrants, painting them black, destroying their image because of their political view, because of the way they want their politics to be. When their allow this immigrants to be on the street they will be forced to do a lot of illegal things they don't want to do. Like doing a lot of things, maybe I don't have to mention them, but everyone sees what is going on in the street. These people does not want to do what their are doing but this is the situation they find themselves. There is nothing they can do rather than to find a way to survive. So if we can think of reforming the politics, the law about immigrants allowing them to work, allowing them to have a better life it will change a lot, a lot of things around our society. It will allow everybody to have peace. That is my own opinion.

So me as an immigrant here in Germany I experienced some kind of humiliation that is not good. We have to be treated like human beings, not like an animal, you know. I have this, how do I say that, this point of view that nobody want to be, kind of have a home in the prison. Everybody want to live a normal life, have a good home and live well, you know. Treat the immigrants right and they will act right. That is the way I see it. If the immigrants are being treated right the most act right. They will follow the law and do everything according to the law. But once, it's like a flood, when you don't make a way for them, they will always find a way to continue moving, you understand. Immigrants are the kind of people that are allowed to be frustrated and in this frustration some of them don't want to sit down and face this frustration. They always find a way to live ahead and leave their frustration behind. So that is the way I see it.

Moreover immigrants are facing a lot of brutality by the police. Take for example what happened to me I was arrested and detained for six hours in prison. For not committing any crime. I was treated like a criminal in the police station. I think it was not good. Some people like me that want to live a better life should be given the chance to live not in order to scare me, in order to run away from the society that I am supposed to belong to, you understand. My own view I think, it is only the wild animals, even the wild animals even they don't hunt or kill for sports but men only try to torture people, kill them because they feel that it's fun for them. It is quite unfair. Brutality have been the problem that the immigrants are facing everyday by the police, you know. And especially police brutality on the race is one of the example I have here that is very bad. When they are doing this brutality to the race, you know. Let me say the immigrants, it is quite unfair scaring people away, not to allow them to feel free, to express themselves as being good people among the society. That is very bad. So I think that when things will start to be better is when we will stop this rejection, you know, to reject our fellow creatures and allow them to be among us like normal human beings like their are supposed to be. We need to reform the laws against the immigrants. I think after that things will start to get better for the immigrants and the society. That is all I have to say.

So where shall we feel belong and when, you know, we have to be, to feel welcomed in a place where we migrated to as immigrants because I think the world is the same. We have only one world. Everybody have the right to live in this world, in this planet. So that is my own opinion and my own point about the immigrants and everything that is happening around. That is all I have for now and the immigrants issue. Thank you for the interview.