Refugee Report

“Open your eyes – hear my voice!”

We also want to build up our country.

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2015/10/09 09:09

I come from Eritrea in Africa. Not only the German government but all the world knows why I came here. It is well-known why the Eritreans migrate.It is not an economic problem; the problem in Eritrea is the dictatorship. A dictatorial government has been ruling the country for 23 years. There is no freedom of religion, no freedom of press, no election. Everything is restricted. Only three religions are allowed. I don ́t know whether the international community knows about our problems.

I was surprised when I heard that the EU has planned to give about 200 million Euro to the Eritrean government. All Eritreans will disagree with this idea, because the government will not use the money for the development of the country. In the last year the government got a similar help, but the government used it for other purposes than that. But we will continue to tell the truth to the international community whenever we get the chance.

We Eritreans must remove the dictator and after that return to our country and develop it. Like the Germans who have built up their country after the Second World War, we also want to build up our country. My father and mother were freedom fighters because Eritrea was colonized for 30 years by Ethiopia. My father died in the war; my mother lives in Eritrea.

After 30 years of fighting for freedom our country had got its independance. But even though our country is free now there are no human rights. I was in the army for 15 years without anything. I didnt have freedom of religion, I didn ́t have the right to live freely. It was a very hard time. I am telling you only a little bit, but when I get a chance I can explain it in detail. No Eritrean will oppose to my ideas, but everyone is in fear to talk about the government.

Germany is one of the most powerful countries in the world, so I have a hope that the German government will help us to establish a democratic government in our country.

When my mother and father went to fight for freedom I had to live and grow up in an orphanage from the age of 6 till the age of 12. After Eritrea had become independent, the German government had stopped to support the orphanage, because the Eritrean government had asked the German government: „Just give us the money and we will manage by ourselves.“

I have come to the country which had helped me to grow up. I am happy here, the German people are very kind to the refugees. Until now I didn ́t experience any discrimination due to the colour of skin. Especially the young people in Germany are very kind to the refugees.

The countries I have passed through to get here are : Eritrea, from there to Sudan, then to Lybia, then Italy, then Germany. The journey was very difficult. So many people died in the Sahara desert and in the Mediteranian Sea. But why is the international community not paying attention to our problem? If the German government helped us to find a solution for our problem it would be very nice. Our Country is in a bad situation. My wife and my children are in Eritrea. They get electricity once a week.

I was wounded in a war to protect my country, because I love my country. One day when I opposed the government they put me into prison in a container for six months. Another day when I also opposed the government they put me into prison for one year. After this I decided to leave my country. The journey is very difficult, so I couldn ́t bring my family with me. If you need more information you can ask me any time. Thank you.